Princeton Hikes! Trail Documentation

Within Princeton

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TownHike NameDifficultyDistanceElevationUsesGPS
PrincetonWachusett West LoopModerate4 Mi500 FtSXX
PrincetonWachusett North LoopDifficult5 Mi1000 FtSXX
PrincetonWachusett North Loop - HalfwayModerate4 Mi700 FtSX 
PrincetonWachusett South LoopDifficult3 Mi1000 FtSXX
PrincetonWachusett East LoopDifficult3.5 Mi1000 FtSXX
PrincetonWachusett RedlineVery Difficult17.64400 FtX 
PrincetonLeominster State Forest Paradise Pond and Wolf Rock LoopModerate4 Mi300 FtBHSXX
PrincetonLeominster State Forest Ball Hill LoopModerate-Difficult5 Mi500 FtBHSXX
PrincetonLeominster State Forest Hells HighwayEasy3 Mi100 FtBHSXX
PrincetonWachusett Meadow South LoopEasy-Moderate4 Mi200 FtS 
PrincetonWachusett Meadow North Loop and Brown HillModerate4 Mi400 FtS 
PrincetonPrinceton Land Trust Peabody Metcalf PoorEasy2 Mi200 FtBHSX 
PrincetonPrinceton Land Trust Krashes to PeabodyEasy-Moderate3.2 Mi200 FtBHSX 
PrincetonPrinceton Land Trust Bullock McElroyEasy2 Mi100 FtBHSX 
PrincetonFour Corners LoopEasy-Moderate2.5 Mi200 FtSX 
PrincetonWachusett Ski Area to Redemption RockModerate4 Mi200 FtBSX 
PrincetonSavage Hill LoopModerate-Difficult6 Mi300 FtBHSX 
PrincetonLittle Wachusett LoopModerate4 Mi350 FtSX 
PrincetonPoutwater Pond From Thomas Prince SchoolModerate6 Mi200 FtSX 
PrincetonPoutwater Pond from Thompson GardensModerate3-4 Miles350 FtSX 
PrincetonCrow Hill to Redemption RockModerate-Difficult4 Mi400 FtBHSX 
PrincetonBickford Pond LoopEasy-Moderate3.5 Mi200 FtBHSX 
PrincetonLovers Lane to Overlook LaneEasy-Moderate3.5 Mi200 FtBHSX 
PrincetonCat Rocks and Behind the Onion PatchModerate4.5 Mi200 FtSX 
PrincetonMason Road to Red Fox FarmEasy-Moderate3 Mi400 FtSX 
HoldenTrout BrookEasy4 Mi200 FtBHSX 
HoldenQuinapoxit St Rail TrailsEasy4.5 Mi350 FtBSX 
HubbardstonMt. Jefferson Conservation Area - Laurel TrailEasy3 Mi100 FtBHSX 
SterlingHeywood ReservoirModerate4 Mi450 FtBHSX 
SterlingHogg HillEasy3 Mi300 FtSXX
SterlingLynde Basin / WekepekeEasy-Moderate3 Mi250 FtSX 
SterlingStillwater BasinEasy-Moderate3.5 Mi600 FtSX 
Sterling/ClintonClinton Dam and TunnelModerate3-7 Mi350 FtSX 
SterlingPine Esker / Rocky BrookModerate3.5 Mi300 FtSX 
LeominsterMonoosnoc Trail to Sholan FarmsModerate-Difficult8 Mii1200 FtBHSX 
LeominsterMonoosnoc to Rocky Pond Trail HeadModerate-Difficult6.5 Mi1000 FtBHSX 
WestminsterHigh Ridge WMAEasy-Moderate3.5 Mi500 FtBHSX 
WestminsterMuddy PondEasy4 Mi100 FtBHSX 

Usage: All trails are open for hiking, but some trails are restricted for other uses. This column shos what other uses are allowed for each hike. B=Bikes, H=Horses, X=XX Skiing, S=Snowhoeing.

In some cases the use is more complicated than what is shown. For example Horses and Bikes are allowed on the ROADS (paved and other) of Wachusett Mountain State Reservation, but not on trails.