Voter Registration Information

Voter registration is required in order to participate in Town Elections, State, and Presidential Elections, and Town Meetings. You also must be a registered voter in your community to hold public office.


You may submit an application to register or pre-register to vote

  • You are U.S. citizen, and
  • You are 16 years of age, and
  • You are not currently incarcerated by reason of a felony conviction.


There are several methods by which you can register to vote:

  • Online at the Secretary of the Commonwealth's Website.
  • In person at the Town Clerk’s office during regular business hours or at any local election office in any city or town in the state and at any registration event you encounter anywhere in Massachusetts. A valid driver’s license or the last four digits of your Social Security number must be provided on the voter registration affidavit.
  • By Mail. To request a mail-in registration contact the Town Clerk’s Office or visit here.
  • At the Registry of Motor Vehicles when renewing or making changes to your driver’s license. Keep your receipt from the RMV until you receive a confirmation from the Town Clerk’s office where you reside.

After the affidavit from any of the above registration methods has been verified by the State Voter Registration System you will receive an acknowledgement letter from the Town Clerk’s office in the community in which you reside.

Voter Registration Deadlines:

New voter registrations must be received

  • 20 days prior to all primaries and elections
  • 10 days prior to a special town meeting

Change of Address:

If you move within the Town of Princeton please notify the Town Clerk’s office in writing. If you move to another town or city in Massachusetts you must re-register in that community.