Solar Farm Committee

The Solar Farm Committee will serve at the direction of the Selectboard and work with the Selectboard, Town Administrator, and other town personnel and committees, as well as seek input from and consulting with Princeton Municipal Light Department as may be appropriate and applicable, to advance the goal of the Selectboard relative to successfully leasing the former Town landfill to a solar developer for the development and operation of a solar energy generation facility.


The committee will consist of 5 - 7 voting members appointed by the Selectboard and may have non-voting liaisons from the Princeton Board of Light Commissioners, Conservation Commission, Environmental Action Committee, Board of Health and Selectboard if a member has not been appointed as a voting member.

A member of the Advisory Committee may be a non-voting liaison only.


The Committee will assist the Selectboard and Town Council as requested with regard to this solar energy generation facility project, including with regard to requests for proposals; review of and recommendation related to proposals received; contract language; environmental regulations and requirements; research, analysis, development and review of plans for the development and operation of a solar energy generation facility; and communication to residents regarding the project.