Mechanics Hall Committee


This committee was formed in response to the vote at the May 15, 2018 Annual Town Meeting authorizing “the Board of Selectmen to sell and convey 104 Main Street, being approximately 0.306 acres of land, the so-called Mechanics Hall property … subject to the Selectmen’s decision on the recommendations of a committee, to be formed, and upon any other terms and conditions as determined by the Selectmen…”

Mechanics Hall Committee Charge:

  • Research and recommend any restrictions to be placed on the sale of the property. Surveying of the Princeton community is encouraged.
  • Develop a description of the property, including comment on the septic system & well water and any other disclosures. Research and outline methods by which the town can sell the property (M.G.L. c. 30B – refer to the Chapter 30B Manual, and with questions, contact the Inspector General’s Office). Recommend a method of sale and present to the Town Administrator. Considering feedback by the Town Administrator, draft the advertisement and any bid documents necessary to begin the process of selling the building.
  • By February 1, 2019 report on the findings of the committee to the Selectboard.

Committee Members

Larry Pistrang


2 / 20 / 2019

Karen Rossow


2 / 20 / 2019

Jennifer Shenk


2 / 20 / 2019