IT Strategic Planning Committee


The Mission of the IT Strategic Planning Committee is to support the IT Coordinator in strategic planning, improvement of the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of Town of Princeton data.


Committee members will be asked to perform research on available technologies, make supporting presentations to garner support from stakeholders, and seek and prepare IT grants, all in compliance with the Open Meeting Law, Conflict of Interest Law, and other applicable laws.

It is anticipated that the Committee would meet monthly, to review IT strategic plans, including but not limited to, security and storage of data, including security and data backup strategies; IT asset upgrade cycle; and vendor proposals for upgrades. The IT Committee and the IT Coordinator shall provide monthly reporting of activates to the Town Administrator.


It is anticipated that a 3-member committee, reporting to the IT Coordinator, will be established. Minimum recommended qualifications include knowledge of IT best practices.

Committee Members

Sherry Horeanopoulos


June 2024

John Zimmatore


June 2025

Patrick McGowan


June 2025