Board and Committee Vacancies

Updated 10/15/2023
Advisory Committee2 Membersterms ending 6/30/26 and 6/30/24
Board of Health

1 Alternate

alternate term ending 6/30/24

Cemetery Commission2 Membersterms ending 6/30/24, 6/30/26
Conservation Commission3 Membersterms ending 6/30/24, 6/30/26, 6/30/26
Cultural Council1 Member3 years
Environmental Action Committee1 member, 2 alternates, 2 studentsterm ending 6/30/24, alternates/students 1 year
Historical Commission1 member, 1 alternateterm ending 6/30/26, alternate 1 year
Holiday Decorating Committee5 membersstaggered terms
Memorial Day Committee4 members1 year
Open Space1 alternate1 year
Waste and Recycling Committee1 member6/30/24
Zoning Board of Appeals1 member, 1 alternate3 years for member, 1 year term for alternate