Marriage License Information

All people who marry in Massachusetts must have a marriage license issued in Massachusetts. A license may be issued in any City or Town in the Commonwealth. The City or Town where the intention is filed is the record keeper of the copy of the marriage license. 

Application Procedure:

  • Both parties must apply together in person at the Town Clerk's Office.
  • There is a three (3) day waiting period to obtain the license. Three days is counted from the day after which the intention is filed. 
    • Example- If the intentions are filed on Monday the license can be issued on Thursday. If the intentions are filed on Tuesday, the marriage license can be issued Friday. Because town hall is closed on Fridays, the marriage license will be available for pick up on the following Monday. 
    • Sundays and holidays are included in the three days, but the day on which the intentions are filed is not.
  • Licenses are valid for 60 days from the date of the intention and may be used in any city or town in Massachusetts. The license is not valid, however, for marriages to be performed outside Massachusetts.
  • Fee for filing intentions in Princeton is $20, and is due at the time of filing; the Clerk accepts only cash or check. The fee includes the license and one certified copy of the license issued after the wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need an appointment at the Clerk’s office?

YES. To file intentions for a marriage certificate, please file your intentions in person with the Office of the Town Clerk two to four weeks prior to your wedding date. Please give the office a call to schedule an appointment to file your marriage intentions. Plan on a minimum of 20 minutes to complete the application process. PLEASE NOTE - The Princeton Town Hall is not open on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.   Once you file your intentions, you must wait three full days before picking up your marriage license and you must get married within 60 days of filing your intentions.

Are there any circumstances under which one party can file Marriage Intentions?

Yes, with evidence documentation. Please see the acceptable circumstances below. 

  • If one party is in the military, and the other party is a Massachusetts resident, intentions may be filed by the Massachusetts resident alone. \
  • If either party is  incarcerated in a county house of correction or a state correctional facility intentions may be filed by either party. 
  • If one party is unable to appear due to illness the other party may file the intention alone.

Contact the Clerk's office for required evidence for these exceptions.

Can the three day waiting period be waived?

Yes. The three day waiting period may be waived by a court order. File your intentions first before contacting the court.   

The Worcester County Probate Court is located at 225 Main St., and can be reached at 508-831-2200. Courthouse hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm. Monday through Friday. The fee for the waiver should be requested at the courthouse.

Are blood tests necessary to get a license?

No. Blood tests are no longer a requirement.

What if one or both parties are under 18?

If either party is under 18 a court order from a probate or district court where the minor resides must be obtained before the marriage intentions can be filed.

Can an out of state member of the Clergy perform the marriage?

Yes. Pursuant to the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 208, Section 39 the Secretary of State may authorize the solemnization of a marriage by an out of state member of the Clergy.

Please click here and here for information and application form.

Can a friend or relative of mine perform the marriage ceremony?

Yes. A “One Day Marriage Designation” is required. Please visit One Day Marriage Instructions for information and the application form. Be advised that the application must be received by the Governor’s office 6 weeks prior to the ceremony.