Princeton Trails

With Interactive Map

There are many great hiking and biking trails in and around Princeton. The Princeton Open Space Committee (OSC) has documented some of these areas in the material presented below. The interactive map shown below pinpoints the most common trail heads for 24 hiking areas around town. Detail trail descriptions and maps for each hiking area are provided in the hyperlinks.

The trails range from well-marked and heavily used trails to somewhat less obvious trails. Several of the trails exclude certain uses. Most are open to non-motorized traffic only.

The Princeton OSC is working to link trails, to form a 'Trail Around Princeton' (TAP). The Midstate Trail, running from the Rhode Island to New Hampshire Border provides a great framework, entering the very west side of Princeton and Exiting into Leominster State Park. Side trails can be taken to get west to the Sterling Heywood Reservoir trails, and south through Audubon Wachusett Meadow to Fieldstone Farm.

There are also many informal trails in Princeton which are not mapped, but are left to be explored.

We ask hikers and riders to act appropriately while using the trails. Respect the quiet of the woods, leave no trace, stay on-trail, etc. Also, hike safely! Always wear hunter orange in the fall and dress warmly and bring microspikes in the winter.

The Interactive Map shown below can be zoomed in or out to reveal the names of the areas. A short description of each area can be accessed by clicking on the icon. More information can be found, including links to maps (where available) by opening the details hyperlink. Generally there is parking at the locations shown in the interactive map.

We welcome your suggestions! Please direct feedback via email.