Wachusett Redline

Wachusett Redline One-Day Map

The Wachusett Redline hike is a 17.6 mile hike that completes all trails on the Mountain (not including the roads). The route presented involves over 4,000 vertical feet of hiking, and is normally done in between 7.5 and 10 hours. This hike can be done in a single day or over multiple days. A four-day version of the hike is shown below.

The map and steps documents provided below show one way to complete the redline walk in a single day, minimizing the number of redundant steps and arriving back at the starting point. The table shows a way to do it in four days, with four hikes that start and end at the same place.

The Wachusett Hikers Facebook Page has more  information about this hike, and hiker comments.

People completing this hike may apply for a patch by filling out the application form and sending it in.

Redline Patch




Day Route
MapStep-By Step Guide
Four Day Route
Day 1 MapDay 1 Steps
Day 2 MapDay 2 Steps
Day 3 MapDay 3 Steps
Day 4 MapDay 4 Steps