Open Space Committee News & Announcements

First Bridge placed at CHCA

the Trail Stewards have installed two benches and the first of two bridges on the new trails at Calamint Hill Conservation Area. The second... more ››

Open Space and Rec Plan Submitted to the State

The Open Space Committee has completed the planning process and the ifnal report has been submitted to the state for approval. Once the... more ››

Open Space and Rec Plan Survey Closed

We have collected over 600 results from the Open Space Survey and have stopped taking additional returns. The information will  now be used... more ››

Open Space Planning Workshops Completed

Two "listening workshops" were completed in late February and early March. These sessions invited members of various town organizations in... more ››

Calamint Hill Conservation Area East Trails cleared

The Princeton Trail Stewards have cleared a .8 mile loop on the East side of the CHCA conservation area. There is also a route marked from... more ››

Trail Head off Calamint Hill Rd North

New Trail Opens at Calamint Hill Conservation Area

The first of three new hiking trails at Calamint Hill Conservation Area (CHCA) is officially open to the public. This trail supports all... more ››