Yearly Princeton Earth Month Cleanup

Thank you Princeton
Poster created for our project by TPS School Student

Our April Earth Day Cleanup was a HUGE success! Princeton Neighbors came together to clean up 100% of our roads, trails, and parks...all in a COVID-friendly manner. And many neighbors have volunteered to keep streets cleaned year-round.

This project was led by the town Environmental Action Committee (EAC) and Open Space Committee (OSC). The project included four components:

  • Roadsides in town: We asked for volunteers to clean streets on their own schedule, and over the course of a month we had all town streets claimed. We turned the streets brown on a Google map (see below) to start, and indicated the volunteer for each road segment. As they were reported complete we turned them green! And all were completed by April 30!
  • Parks and Playgrounds: Our original plan was to use groups like the Scouts and town committees to manage community events for each of our five parks. But COVID dictate a different approach! So we split parks into segments and found volunteers to sign up for segments. Again, all segments were completed by the end of April.
  • Trails: These were treated the same as Parks and Playgrounds. Princeton Land Trust volunteers captained each of the PLT trails, and others claimed town trails and segments of the midstate trail. The Audubon Trails were closed for COVID, but the Audubon Staff volunteered to make sure they were cleaned by end of month!
  • Our town-wide celebration has not yet been held but we are hoping to do it later after COVID restrictions are lightened.

We also had help from others in town.

  • Rud Mason donated a dumpster which was well used by people who had too many bags to load into their own trash bins.
  • Ben Metcalf and the town highway department picked up all items that were too large for neighbors to deal with.
  • Jenny Orison at Thomas Prince School had her students develop thank you posters.
  • Rick Rys made a special donation of 50 bare-root trees which wre offered in May to the people who volunteered for road cleanups. These went quickly!!

A HUGE Thank You to all who donated time and materials to the effort. We hope to do it again next year!!

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Contacts for all activities:

Claire Golding [email protected]978-333-9425
Laurie Kraemer[email protected] 978-400-6932
Karen Rossow[email protected] 508-335-3601
Rick Gardner[email protected]978-660-8664
Rick Rys[email protected]508-369-5186
Deb Cary[email protected] 508-450-5590

Link to Town Buzz presentation Here

Not Accepted at the Curbside? Don’t Put It in Your Trash!


Residents who need to recycle larger items, or those that are not allowed in curbside trash or recycling, such as mattresses, TVs, or rugs, should visit Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycling Center’s website: 



The Town of Princeton (and 6 other towns) pays an annual fee that allows us to make use of this great facility in West Boylston, which is run entirely by volunteers. Some items require a small additional fee that helps offset WRRC’s operating costs. 

Lawrence and Jun

Lawrence and Jun Parks

Nass Family in Action

Nass Family

Barry Sherman

Barry Sherman


Ronel Williams and Family with 18 Bags!!

Amy Pearson

Amy and Al Pearson from Mountain Road.......


Dirty Trash from the Parks


Nass Family checking their haul


David Partridge Haul on Hubbardston Road

Tom at Houghton

Tom Moore and Rick Gardner found five bags on Sterling Road

Clean Cans

Clean Cans from David Partridge

Amy Pearson 2

Amy and Al Pearson's second time out!


Rick Rys moving cans up on Mountain Road

carol and kevin

Carol and Kevin Smith on Route 62


Schoolhouse Road - Anne Davenport


Lawrence and Jun

Lawerence and Jun Parks

Rick and Tom

















Rick and Tom Moore at Houghton Rd









Our original rules:

Roadside Cleaning: Many people in town are presently cleaning up the roads, and our focus will be on figuring out what roads are being cleaned already, and what roads need attention. Residents will sign up to do the work by the end of April, on their schedule. Residents will dispose of the trash individually, and report back on completion of the work.

Residents who already clean roads or who would like to sign up to take responsibility for a road or portion of a road were asked to contact us and indicate which portions of which roads they are cleaning. Send this information to [email protected] or call or eMail one of the people listed below. We would like to hear from everyone who is cleaning up the roads!!

  • If a road is being tended by a group of people, simply list the a group name, or names of the people who help out (it is also OK to stay anonymous, but we would like to keep track of the status of the road). 

  • If your road is 'taken' but you wish to help out, simply let us know and we will add your name to the list of people for the road. We will also let you know who else is sharing the road.Note: It is still fair game to help out with road segments that have been taken!

  • Also we will be happy to assign a road to residents who are looking to try a different part of town, or you can join EAC at the town common (date TBD but perhaps at 9AM April 11) to help address unclaimed roads.

Roads may be cleaned at any time but we would like to complete the sweep from winter by the end of April. When you have completed a road segment, please let us know so we can indicate it on our map (brown=signed up, green = cleaned)!! You can also see which neighbors are working on a road by clicking on the map below.

Parks and Playgrounds:  We assigned individuals to 'captain' Princeton parks (Krashes Field, Thomas Prince School, the Town Common, and Sawyer field) and to assign volunteers to clean portions of the park in small groups. Residents contacted the captain, received an assignment, and conducted the cleanup assignment (for example to clean a portion of Krashes field) on their own schedule.  In this case we provided a place to dispose of collected trash. 

Trails: We have several trail areas in town that needrd to be cleared of debris and improved (no power tools). The leader posted times and locations for these cleanup jobs as they were developed. We planned for two hours in most cases. 

  • Saturday April 4th at 9AM: Midstate Trail (Thompson Road to Westminster Road and Westminster Road to Summit). Captain Rick Gardner ([email protected])  

  • Sunday April 5th at 1PM: Midstate Trail (Redemption Rock to Ski Area). Captain: Emily Merlino ([email protected])

  • Sunday April 5th at 9AM: Peabody/Metcalf PLT Trails. Captain Brian Foley ([email protected])

  • Saturday April 11th at 9AM: Calamint Hill Conservation Area. Captain: Rick Gardner ([email protected])

  • Sunday April 19th at 3PM: Bullock / McElroy PLT Trails (Krashes Field):  Captain: Charlie Cary ([email protected]) or Deb Cary ([email protected]).

  • Sunday April 19th at 1PM: Gregory/Alexander PLT Trails. Contact Brian Keevan ([email protected]).
  • Tuesday April 28th at 10:30AM: Audubon Trails. Captain: Cindy Dunn

Celebration: We are planning to hold a town-wide celebration after the end of the cleanup, but will need to wait until the COVID 19 situation permits it. Information will be distributed as plans firm up, but please plan to join us for this effort!!