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Princeton Residents who responded to the EAC's Fall 2017 Survey expressed interest and enthusiasm around energy issues related to green energies. The following overall goals were identified by the Environmental Action Committee and are detailed in the Environmental Action Plan.

Becoming a Designated Green Community

  • Obtain financial and technical support for energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives
  • Decrease energy use / increase energy conservation
  • Increase fuel efficiency of Town vehicles

Powering Town Buildings, Homes,  and Businesses

  • Incentivize a switch to electric power for heating, cooling, and transportation through reductions in the cost of electric power 
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase access to sustainable energy options
  • Decrease energy use

Heating and Cooling 

  • Replace fossil fuel- and wood-based heat energy sources with alternative sources (e.g., electricity and/or geothermal)
  • Increase energy conservation
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions



  • Decrease vehicle (greenhouse gas) emissions
  • Encourage increased use of electric vehicles

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Recommended Reading

  • Farnsworth, D., Lazar, J., and Shipley, J.; "Beneficial Electrification of Water Heating," Montpelier, Vermont, Regulatory Assistance Project, January 2019
  • Shipley, J., Lazar, J., Farnsworth, D., and Kadoch, C.; "Beneficial Electrification of Space Heating," Montpelier, Vermont, Regulatory Assistance Project, January 2019

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