Town Finances

Last updated 6/18/2023

Welcome to the Town Finances page. Here you will find several of the Town’s primary budgetary and financial documents. Below are brief descriptions of these documents and links that will lead to the current year’s document as well as previous years. We hope this helps residents to learn about the Town’s budget and financial condition and how their tax dollars are spent. 

To help you navigate these budgetary and financial materials, please refer to this Primer on Town Finances and Definitions

Princeton Financial Policies v1.1 - approved 12/29/2020

Town Meeting Warrants
Town Meeting Results

Budget and Capital Planning Documents

Financial-Related Town Reports

Debt Schedule

The debt schedule for the Town lays out all outstanding debt (borrowing) that has occurred, including amount, interest rate, term, and schedule of payments. Please refer to Primer on Town Finances and Definitions for help with some of the terms in the debt schedule.

Debt Schedule as of May 31, 2019

Debt Schedule as of June 14, 2023

Links to's Division of Local Services (DLS)

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