Earth Month in Princeton

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Earth Month in Princeton—News and Events!

April is Earth Month! Our whole community is helping to clean up roadsides, trails, and parks—and many have already made progress. We are all being careful to abide by COVID-19 restrictions, and you should, too.

Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Visit our web page:

2. Road Cleanup  We still have about 11 miles of unassigned roads! These include parts of Rtes. 140 and 31 north and south of the center of town, plus Mathews Lane, Sam Cobb Lane, Lovers Lane, Grow Lane, Jefferson Road and others. Visit the web page to sign up. Individuals and family groups only.

3. Trail Cleanup  Upcoming Events Registration required—please contact the captains. Don’t just show up!

  •          Sunday March 29 at 9am: Peabody/Metcalf PLT Trails. Captain: Brian Foley (
  •          Saturday April 4 at 9am: Midstate Trail (Thompson Road to Westminster Road and Westminster Road to Summit). Captain: Rick Gardner (  
  •          Sunday April 5 at 1pm: Midstate Trail (Redemption Rock to Ski Area). Captain: Emily Merlino (

4. Parks Cleanup: These are ongoing efforts. Contact one of our captains to sign up for a section.

5. Be sure to take photos of your filled trash bags! We’ll post them on our site to demonstrate just how big a difference we are making!

A huge THANK YOU to all who have completed road cleanups way ahead of schedule! These include Betsy Beth, Richy Bisk, Judy Breen, Chas Callahan, Richard Chase, Susan Downing, Rick Gardner, Naoko Gomi, Phil Gott, Jean Green, Jess Hart, Brian Keevan family, Karen Kowalik and family, Rick McCowan and family, Lisa Martel, Jane Morrison, Geri Novia, JoEllen Quigley, Jill Romer, Rick and Claudia Rys, Janet Shoeny, Jody Utter, Gloria Utzig, Nina Wellons, and Richard Yanko.

Another Important Event: Don’t forget to celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday March 28, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. Turn off your lights for one hour to show your love and support for our beleaguered planet. This is a worldwide movement! For more information: