Environmental Action Committee-Final Action Plan

EAC Releases Final Environmental Action Plan

The Environmental Action Committee (EAC) is pleased to announce the release of the final version of its Environmental Action Plan (EAP). Following two years of bi-monthly public meetings, consultations with experts, and in-depth research and deliberations, a draft EAP was released for public comment and feedback in September 2019. The final version of the EAP reflects and incorporates the public feedback received at a public forum, through email, and at EAC public meetings. The final EAP also includes various information updates.


A 2017 Annual Town Meeting vote charged the EAC with the development of an EAP for the Town. The EAC believes the EAP meets that charge, providing a thorough and detailed roadmap of recommendations for Town energy and environmental action. Hard copies of the EAP will be available for on-site reading at Town Hall, the Princeton Public Library, and the Senior Center. The EAP can also be found online at https://www.town.princeton.ma.us/environmental-action-committee


With Selectboard approval, the EAC has already begun implementation of several EAP priority action items, including:

  • applying for a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness planning grant, which can be used to complete a town climate change assessment and resiliency plan;
  • seeking Green Community designation, which will provide the Town with financial and technical support for energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives;
  • exploring alternative waste management options including a Save-Money-And-Reduce-Trash (SMART) program; and
  • information sharing with residents and various Town committees and boards.