Annual Town Election

Tuesday, June 23rd 12pm-8pm @ T.P.S.

The Town is committed to ensuring a safe & democratic election on June 23rd at The Thomas Price School, (170 Sterling Road) in the gymnasium. The last day to register to vote in June 3rd. If you are unsure if you are registered you can check here

The Town Clerk’s Office and The Selectboard want to communicate to the residents about the precautions and measures being taken for this upcoming local election. Though there are no contested seats, it is imperative that we have a fair and accessible election. Here are the offices on this year’s ballot:

Board of Assessors: Helen Townsend (One-3 year term)

Board of Light Commissioners: Richard Rys (One-3-year term)

Moderator: Harry Pape (One-1 year term)

Planning Board: (Two Seats)

John Mirick (One-3 year term)

           Ian Catlow (One-3 year term)

Selectboard: Richard Bisk (One 3-year term)

Trustees of Trust Funds: Kevin Heman (One-3-year term)

Below are some of the many steps we are taking to make all voters feel confident that coming out on voting day will be safe:

*All election workers will wear masks and be behind sneeze guards

*Social distancing measures will be in place respecting the 6-foot rule

*Each booth, (which technically holds 4 voters) will allow just one

*Voters will be permitted & encouraged to bring their own black pen, (not a marker or felt-tipped)

*The check in table will have entrants separated before entering

*Upon arrival at the check-in desk, voters will be asked to have a face covering before moving forward

*The poll hours will remain 12pm-8pm to allow ample opportunity to spread out the voting public

*Finally, as will all elections, an absentee ballot can be requested. Information on obtaining this application is here please ensure you return both pages, (the second page is filled out by the Boards of Registrars). The mailing address for Town Hall, remains 6 Town Hall Dr.