Environmental Action Committee

Read our Environmental Action Plan (EAP) online!  Copies will be available to read on-site when the Town Hall, the Library, and the Council on Aging reopen. While the EAP includes a number of potential initiatives, the EAC worked with the Selectboard to identify four immediate priorities. Here are those priorities and their current endeavors:

Green Communities

EAC Contact: Corey Burnham-Howard
Town Contact: Sherry Patch

 Princeton is applying to become a designated “Green Community” under the Commonwealth’s Green Community Designation and Grant Program. Achieving this designation would qualify the Town for an initial grant of $130,000 and subsequent competitive grants of up to $200,000 per year (with no need for matching funds from the Town) for energy efficiency projects, which could also save the Town significant money in operating expenses. To achieve this designation, the Town must meet five criteria, aiming to achieve them by the next annual Green Community Designation application deadline of October 2020. Learn more...

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP)

EAC Contact: Phil Gott
Town Contact: Sherry Patch, Town Administrator

 The MVP program is designed to help communities plan for and manage the impacts of climate change such as more severe storms or more prolonged periods of drought. Princeton has received an initial grant of $20,000. A kickoff meeting took place, and planning for a day-long workshop is well underway. We just learned that the June 30 deadline for the MVP Plan has been extended for a year and the team is currently discussing whether to move forward as planned with two multi-hour virtual sessions or wait until it is safe to meet and do the workshop in person. Many believe that the process would work better in person. Learn more...

Waste & Recycling

EAC Contact: Claire Golding

 Waste and Recycling Committee The number of trash trucks on Princeton’s roads concern many residents. One EAP waste initiative recommends exploring the possibility of contracting with a single hauler for Princeton’s trash. In February, 2020 the Selectboard sought volunteers for a Waste and Recycling Committee to investigate single hauler options and how the state’s SMART (Save Money And Reduce Trash) program might benefit Princeton residents. The new committee’s first public meeting will occur sometime in May.  Learn more...

Earth Month (April 2020) in Princeton was a resounding success. Over 100 volunteers cleared roadways, parks, and trails of trash and winter debris, and had fun doing it.  Learn more...

Community Outreach and Education

EAC Contact: Chris Samoiloff

We will keep this web page updated with the active EAP initiatives. We will also communicate news and environmental topics of interest via our EAC Newsletter (stay tuned), via the COA Newsletter, and via Town News. The EAC has also begun working with other boards and committees on like-minded activities, such as the recent Princeton Earth Month Cleanup with the Open Space Committee.

This page was last updated on May 9, 2020

Committee Members

Corey Burnham-Howard


June 2022

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June 2022

Phil Gott


June 2022

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June 2022

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