How to Arrange a Burial

The bylaws enacted by the Cemetery Commission regarding burials in Princeton Cemeteries are as follows:

1.  Full Burials (those other than cremation) require that the Cemetery Superintendent be notified at least three (3) days prior to a burial. This time is necessary due to the need to research the history of the lot, determine whether or not the lot has been used, make arrangements to have the site prepared, and schedule the department to perform the grave site work following the burial.

2.  A family member, relative, or friend (in the absence of providing an original deed) must meet with the Cemetery Superintendent at the cemetery site to locate the area in which the deceased is to be interred. This must be done at a time which allows a three (3) day preparation of the site.

NOTE: In the absence of the providing of an original deed to the Superintendent the responsibility of the location of the proper burial site is that of the family member, relative, or friend of the deceased, and any costs associated with the burial in a location other than that which has been determined at the meeting with the Superintendent is to be reflected in an added charge which represents a cost to the town for correction of an error.

3.  The charge by the Town of Princeton for burial services is $700.00 for a full burial and $260.00 for a cremation burial. All checks are to be made out to the Town of Princeton and may be given to the Town Clerk at the Town Hall or to the Cemetery Superintendent (or workers) at the burial site.

You may direct any questions or concerns on the above information to the Town Clerk’s office, the Cemetery Superintendent, or the Cemetery Commission (via the Town Clerk’s office).