Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is established pursuant to M.G.L. c. 39, §16, which states that the Committee “shall consider any or all municipal questions for the purpose of making reports or recommendations to the town;” and then is further governed by Chapter III of the Town of Princeton's General By-Laws:

Chapter III – Advisory Committee

Section 1. There shall be an Advisory Committee consisting of seven legal voters of the Town, who shall be appointed in the manner hereinafter provided. No elective or appointive officer or full time town employee shall be eligible to serve on said committee. The current members of the committee shall continue in office until expiration of their respective terms. (Amended at the Special Town Meeting, March 18, 1985)

Section 2. The Selectmen shall appoint members at the beginning of each fiscal year as necessary to maintain a seven member committee each of whose term shall be for three fiscal years. The members shall be appointed for staggered terms so that the term of approximately one-third of the members shall expire each year. (Amended at the Special Town Meeting, October 11, 2011)

Section 3. Whenever any vacancy shall occur for any cause, said vacancy shall be filled immediately by the Selectmen. The term of office for any person so chosen to fill a vacancy shall expire at the end of the fiscal year (June 30th), and the Selectmen shall appoint his successor to complete the unexpired term of the member in whose office such vacancy originally occurred. (Amended at the Special Town Meeting, October 11, 2011)

Section 4. All articles in any warrant for a Town Meeting shall be referred to the Advisory Committee for its consideration. The Selectmen after drawing any such warrant shall transmit immediately a copy thereof to each member of said committee. A public hearing shall be held upon all such articles, unless a public hearing is otherwise required by law, and a notice of such hearing shall be given by posting a copy thereof in a least four (4) public places in the Town. Said committee shall after due consideration of the subject matter of such articles, report thereon to the Town Meeting, in writing, such recommendations as it deems best for the interests of the Town and its citizens. Any recommendation that exists from the Advisory Committee on an article will be read to the town meeting prior to any motions or discussion relative to the article. The Advisory Committee may, during discussion of the article, change its recommendation and offer the altered recommendation to the town meeting provided it gives its reasons for changing its recommendation. (Amended at the Annual Town Meeting, May 12, 1992)

Section 5. It shall be the duty of the Advisory Committee annually to consider the expenditures in previous years and the estimated requirements for the ensuing year of the several boards, officers, and committees of the Town, as prepared by them or by the Town Auditor in such form and detail as may be prescribed by said Committee. The said Committee shall add to such statement of expenditures and estimates another column, giving the amounts which in its opinion should be appropriated for the ensuing year, and shall further add thereto such explanations and suggestions relating to the proposed appropriations as it may deem expedite, and report thereon as provided in Section 4.

Section 6. In the discharge of its duty, said Committee shall have free access to all books of record and accounts, bills and vouchers on which money has been or may be paid from the town treasury. Officers, boards and committees of the Town shall, upon request, furnish said Committee with facts, figures and any other information pertaining to their several activities as otherwise provided by Law.

Section 7. It shall be the duty of the Advisory Committee to make an annual written report of its doings, with recommendations relative to financial matters and the conduct of Town business.

Committee Members

Wayne Adams


June 2022

William Lawton

Vice Chair

June 2020

Judy Dino


June 2020

Helga Lyons


June 2022

Mary Jo Wojtusik


June 2021

Richard McCowan


June 2022