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Facilities Steering Committee
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Town Administrator
The Facilities Steering Committee meets weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM in the Annex.
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Chris Conway
June 2018
Karen Cruise
June 2018
Steve Mirick
June 2018
Larry Todd
June 2018
Mary Jo Wojtusik
June 2018
On August 2, 2017 the Facilities Steering Committee released an Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a Needs Assessment and Four Buildings Master Plan. A copy of the RFQ can be obtained by clicking here. RFQ's were due September 18, 2017.

Five firms submitted proposals under the RFQ's. The Facilities Steering Committee evaluated the 5 submissions and determined that it wished to interview 3 of the firms. The interviews are scheduled for Tuesday, October 10th in the Town Hall Annex. Below is the schedule, firm names, and link to a copy of their respective submission:

October 10, 2017, Interview Schedule in the Town Hall Annex
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM - Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects, click here for submission (29M file)
6:45 PM to 7:45 PM - Jones Whitsett Architects, click here for submission (12M file)
8:00 PM to 9:00 PM - HKT Architects, click here for submission (8.1M file)

Updated as of: October 4, 2017

The Facilities Steering Committee was established by the Board of Selectmen, after advertising a Call for Facilites Steering Committee members. Please click here to be linked to the advertisement.

Facilities Steering Committee Charge
1. Support the Board of Selectmen in developing and implementing a long term, sustainable plan to provide the Town with adequate facilities for the operation of Town government, public safety, and affiliate organizations. Generally, the Committee will: 1. Develop a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a feasibility study including programming and space planning services to identify the facility spaces required to efficiently operate the Town. This will include both current and future needs, as identified by department heads and may be based on available space within the existing Public Safety Building, Bagg Hall, Town Hall Annex, and The Princeton Center. More specifically, to be included in the RFQ scope will be:
a. Conduct programming sessions with department heads to determine specific current and future departmental space needs.
b. Conduct programming sessions with various town entities and major stakeholders such as Council on Aging, Historical Society, Arts Society, Parks & Recreation, etc.
c. Review and update as necessary the information gathered in the 2015 HKT study of these 4 buildings and the 2016 report of the Facilities Planning Committee.
d. Use this information and other available information on recommended space allocation for towns of similar size to lay out the most efficient use of space, from both a cost and human resource perspective.
e. Provide options and recommendations for each building to include determination of addition/renovation, replacement/new construction, or demolition and reuse of the existing site. This should also account for any necessary temporary moves, access and parking.
f. Incorporate any requirements the buildings may have regarding previous funding from Mass Historical Commission, the National Register, or other building restrictions.
g. Provide schematic design with rendered schematic plans and estimated costs.
h. Assist with developing a capital expenditure plan that is sustainable by the Town.
i. Final deliverable to be a written report summarizing the findings and recommendations of the study as well as a proposed time frame to address the identified needs.
2. Solicit RFQ’s from qualified and interested parties. Evaluate all responses which may include meetings with responding entities. Make a final recommendation to the Board of Selectmen.
3. Recommend to the BoS plans for marketing, fundraising and grant writing. Implement those that are approved.
4. Hold public meetings to present findings of the final written report.
5. From time to time, the Committee may include additional volunteers or groups as deemed necessary to accomplish specific tasks, such as fundraising and grant writing.
6. Regularly report progress to the Board of Selectmen and recommend other tasks for the Committee as they may be identified. BoS should review the charge of this committee and its members as deemed advisable.


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