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SCAM ALERT - 11/3/2017
Chief Powers would like to inform residents about potential phone scams.
Calls soliciting donations to American Police Officers Alliance is a fraudulent fund raising scheme. Do not answer the call or simply hangup when the caller states they are raising funds for this organization.

Phone calls that ask "Can you hear me, Are you the homeowner or Do you pay the bills?" are recording your yes response and using it to authorize fraudulent purchases. Do not respond, just hang up. If your phone has Caller ID, do not pick up if you do not recognize the number.

Calls are still being made from people stating they are an official with the IRS and immediate action is needed regarding the money you owe. The Internal Revenue Service will not contact citizens via telephone nor do they require immediate payment without an appeal process. Please DO NOT give out personal information and do not call back the contact number that may be left in a voice message.


Town of Princeton, 6 Town Hall Drive, Princeton, MA 01541