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Welcome to the official website for the town of Princeton, Massachusetts

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Princeton Fire Department
8 Town Hall Drive Princeton, MA. 01541~
(978) 464-2707 • (978)–464-2117 fax

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Policy for Tank Removal and Replacement for the Town of Princeton

Tank Removal  

It is the policy of the Princeton Fire Department that they shall witness tank removals within the Town of Princeton.

A permit must be obtained prior to the removal using an FP292 form (preferred) or FP6 form with all applicable information included in compliance with
527 CMR 1 Ch Tank Removal. Unless otherwise provided for in Chapter 66, a permit shall be obtained from the Head of the Fire Department for the removal of a fuel oil storage tank. Any person removing a fuel oil storage tank from inside a building for a purpose other than replacement or repair, shall remove all fill and vent pipes.

Notice of removal must be made at least 24 hours in advance by calling 978-464-2707 press 3 for the Chief’s office.  An inspector will visualize the tank before removal to assess for leaks. The inspector will return when the removal is complete to inspect the removal in compliance with NFPA 31 chapter 7.13.1

7.13.1 If a fuel storage tank is permanently removed from service for whatever reason, the tank and all piping connected to it, including the outside fill and vent piping and any supply piping connected to the appliance, shall be: (1) Emptied of all liquid contents and sludge (2) Cleaned and rendered free of combustible vapors (3) Removed from the premises or property (4) Properly disposed of in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal rules and regulations
7.13.2 The remover/installer of a tank taken out of service shall submit an affidavit of compliance to the authority having jurisdiction or to the tank owner stating that such fuel storage system was removed, in compliance with this section.

New Tank/ Burner Placement

A permit shall be obtained for new tank/burner placement in accordance with 527 CMR 1 Ch.    An FP 056 must be completed and filed with the Town Hall.  An Inspector will be assigned to the inspection within 7 days and completed in 21. The homeowner name and number must be on the FP 056 Form in order to facilitate scheduling the inspection.

Please note: Installers need to comply with Section 8.4.2 of NFPA 31 “proper allowance shall be made for the expansion, contraction, jarring, and vibration of piping systems”.  Princeton Inspectors will look for this compliance with relief coils or flexible connections on both ends of the fuel lines.


Town of Princeton, 6 Town Hall Drive, Princeton, MA 01541