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Facilities Steering Committee Minutes 04/17/18
Facilities Steering Committee
Meeting minutes for 4/17/18
6:00 pm at town hall annex

Attending for the committee: Karen Cruise, Steve Mirick, Larry Todd, Mary Jo Wojtusik

Not attending: Chris Conway

Attending for the town: Richard Bisk, selectman, town administrator Nina Nazarian

Karen opened the meeting at 6:00pm

The minutes of 4/10/18 were approved.

The FAQ’s prepared by Mary Jo are posted on town news with a link from the facilities web page.

The warrant articles are still under review by the selectboard.

There was discussion with Nina regarding the current status of the articles. The lease option for the Sonoma space at Post Office place is being discussed and there may be a warrant article about the lease.

There was further discussion about the warrant articles in light of the apparent support for leasing space. Should we leave the Bagg Hall addition article on the warrant or not ? The committee was undecided. Richie suggested there be a non-binding vote at town meeting to gauge support for the Bagg Hadd addition. The group was not sure if this is possible.

Nina recommended the FSC hold a joint meeting with the board of selectmen on 4/24 to try and agree on the warrant articles.

Steve brought 5 copies of a poster he printed to place around town. He noted that to use the second floor of Bagg Hall there will need to be an elevator, heat and work on the electrical system and related safety issues.

There was a question of what the new public safety complex at $7.7 million would add to the average tax bill. Option B from JWA showed the cost at $385 per year.

Karen said the 2 sided 8-½ x 11 flyer will be mailed with the next senior newsletter in late April.

There was public comment stating the article for an addition to Bagg Hall should be on the warrant because the town should have all the options presented.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Submitted by Larry Todd, secretary


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