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Abbreviated CATV Licensing Process
Abbreviated CATV Licensing Process

Initiating Process:
  • This item is complete as of the BoS's vote on September 7, 2016 to initiate the process.
Decision to proceed leads to the following 2 next steps:
  • BoS must notify the Cable Division in writing and give the date of decision. This starts a 12 month clock on final decision for licensing.
  • The Issuing Authority (BoS) must solicit applications at least 60 days after the advertisement appears (unless they have received a waiver from the DTC). A waiver was obtained by the BoS, please click here to view the approved waiver. Applications were due on Thursday, November 3rd at 1:00 PM. Both Comcast and Charter Communications submitted prior to the deadline. Submissions will be posted to this page on Tuesday, November 8th.
The Issuing Authority prepares the "Issuing Authority Report on System Specifications"
  • Set up Cable Advisory Committee to assist with the process.
  • Note: This report is not issued until after applications have been submitted.
Issuing Authority issues the "Issuing Authority Report" within 90 days of the application filing deadline.
  • This is the last chance for the Issuing Authority to tell cable companies what the requirements will be.
  • The Issuing Authority must give a copy of the report to each applicant within 7 days of report issuance.
Applicant Cable Operators are given 30-45 days to amend their initial application.

Issuing Authority posts for a hearing with 14 days’ notice

Within 60 days of the close of the public hearing, the Issuing Authority must approve or deny each applicant, and if approved, must grant a provisional license.

Issuing Authority must provide a detailed explanation of its decision and remit a copy to the DTC.

Provisional Licensee has 1 year to file Form 100 and complete conditions of M.G.L. c. 166A, §§3-5.
  • Note: M.G.L. c.166A, §5 grants up to 5 years to complete construction.


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