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Welcome to the official website for the town of Princeton, Massachusetts

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Pool Information
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Princeton, MA  01541
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TO:  Homeowners
       Pool Installers

SUBJECT:  Changes to the Building Code Regulating Pool Installation

Due to changes in the Sixth Edition of the State Building Code 780 CMR the following new regulations will apply after February 28, 1998 for all building permits secured for above-ground pools, in-ground pools, spas and hot tubs.

A.  Minimum yard setbacks of 30 ft. side and rear, 50 ft. from street line (both if corner lot) must be observed.
B.  Supply distance to on-site septic if applicable.
C.  Barriers

1.  Above-ground pools must be provided with a 48” high barrier to enclose all ladders and filtration equipment.  Gates must be self-closing with a latching mechanism that must be accessed over the gate.  Clearance between pickets or slats on gates must not exceed ½” within an 18” radius of the latching mechanism.  Mechanism must be a minimum of 3” below top of gate.

2.  In-ground pools shall be surrounded by a barrier with a minimum height of 48”.  Gates shall be self-closing, self-latching.  Latches shall not have the ability to be accessed except by over the top of the gate.

3.  Barriers shall not have a clear space to grade that exceeds 2” anywhere along the barrier.

4.  Barriers that consist of horizontal or vertical slats, the maximum clearance between members shall not allow passage of greater than a 4” sphere.  Horizontal slats shall not provide a means for climbing.  Solid barriers shall not contain indentations or protrusions that allow climbing.

5.  Decorative cut outs in solid barriers cannot exceed 1 ¾” in width or height.

6.  Maximum mesh size for chain link fences shall be 1 ¼” square.

7.  Where diagonal lattice work is used to provide the barrier, the maximum opening formed by the diagonal members should not exceed 1 ¾”.

D.  For in-ground and indoor pools or where the wall of a building serves as a part of a barrier, the following shall apply:

1.  All doors that provide access to the pool shall be fitted with an audible alarm labeled with a minimum sound pressure of 85 DBA.  Maximum disabling touch pad timing shall not exceed 15 seconds, and shall be located a minimum of 54” from finished floor threshold of door.

2.  Pools shall be equipped with an approved power safety cover.

3.  Spas, hot tubs, or fixtures drained after each use shall be exempt if provided with an approved safety cover.

        Above-ground Pool Installers must provide a Certificate of Insurance.

        In-Ground Pool Installers must provide a Certificate of Insurance and provide a copy of their Home Improvement Contractor’s License.


Town of Princeton, 6 Town Hall Drive, Princeton, MA 01541